Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engine Marketing Service

Search engine marketing optimization can include both SEO and PPC services, both of which are provided by VelocityTraffic. Many have heard of the big-3 PPC platforms, Google, MSN, and Yahoo, but there are also several other pay-per-click platforms that could be more targeted to your specific needs as well as directly advertising on industry specific websites (aka media buys). Depending on your target audience and budget you might select one or all.

VeloctyTraffic's Pay Per Click Advertising Services are driven by your businesses rules and optimized by our PPC best practices. To avoid throwing away thousands of dollars on search terms and ads that don't convert, we continually refine search terms based on conversion rate and cost. Depending on your strategy and target market, the best approach could include optimizing for similar search terms with lower cost, writing better ads, using different ad creatives, or optimizing the landing page design. All these elements are included in the core PPC advertising service that effectively reduce your PPC spending on non-related and under performing ads.

Products & Services

Our PPC management team will sped the time necessary to thoroughly understand your products and services, website objectives, and your sales funnel. Both parties will develop a clear understanding of the end users keywords and phrases and where in the funnel specific actions need to be tracked. As an outcome of this process, a understanding of what is necessary to increase your click through rates and conversions and the monitoring points within the sales funnel can be achieved and then implemented.

Keyword Selection

A clear understanding of the keyword terms end users search for to locate the product and services within your industry are critical to a successful PPC program.

Campaign keyword and phrase selection is just the start. The mindset of the end user when they type those keywords into the search engine must be carried through the ad onto the landing page and eventually through to conversion and post purchase satisfaction. It is important to make each step in the process the next logical step for the end user to take as they work their way toward the conclusion.

Ad Writing

VelocityTraffic has significant experience writing effective ad copy. The ad title should be clear and include the searched for keyword. The description line should convey the most important product benefit to the searcher and a call to action. Writing ads this way has shown to increase the click rate of qualified searches by up to 50%, which reduces the campaign cost by filtering out searches that are not going to take the desired converting action.

Landing Pages

A landing page is where the lead goes after they click through the ad and is typically hosted on your website's domain. The sole purpose of a landing page is to get the searches to take one desire action and receive the benefit that was promised in your ad. Most landing pages offer a product or service, but other effective uses of a landing page include capturing the prospects email address for later follow up (aka squeeze page), customize the next step of the sales funnel based on prospect's demographics (aka demographic qualification page), etc...

During our past customer engagements, we have created a variety of landing pages that were written by professional copywriters specifically created to achieve the customers goals. Once the landing page in incorporated into the PPC campaign, we use automated split testing techniques to track and optimize the conversion rate to maximize the pay per click campaign's return on investment (ROI).

Impressions, Click Through Rates (CTR), and Conversions

Impression, CTR, and Conversion each measure different aspects of an online advertising campaign. Impressions are the number of times and ad was shown to a searcher or prospective customer and measures the effectiveness of the keywords selected. CTR is the percentage of prospective customer's exposed to an ad versus those who actually click through the ad to get more information. CTR is a measure of the effectiveness of the ad copy. A conversion occurs at the end of the PPC campaign process when the prospective customer takes the desired action. The conversion rate measures the effectiveness of the ad to qualify a customer and the landing pages ability to persuade the searcher to take action.

An effective PPC campaign is setup to track each step in the process and flexible enough to allow modifications in ad and landing page copy to maximize conversion with the smallest campaign spending. The ability to track, test, and modify all elements in a pay per click campaign is what distinguishes successful PPC campaign from bad PPC efforts.

VelocityTraffic has access to several tools that test and track PPC campaigns and has used them effectively to turn what were initially negative or break-even ROI campaigns into positive ROI campaigns. Whatever the desired final action you wish the prospect to take, you can feel comfortable knowing that you have our experienced team working to maximize the conversions while minimizing your cost.

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